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Itek has collaborated¬†with¬†Business Gateway’s to deliver bite-sized IT workshops aimed at established businesses¬†that look at ways IT can help your business. Book your spot quickly as spaces are limited.



31st Jan 2017

7 Ways to Transform Your Business

This workshop will help you with the decision making process by recommending the right IT tools that would potentially reduce costs, automate systems and increase productivity in your business.



14th Feb 2017

5 Ways to Increase Profit

Technology has become indispensable for most businesses and IT can have an immense effect on business profitability.. This session looks at 5 main ways in which IT can increase the profitability of your business.



28th Feb 2017

9 Security Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

A security breach can leave your business facing significant financial losses and can damage your company’s reputation, with some businesses struggling to survive afterwards.

This session will cover the main 9 security mistakes that businesses make and provide you with advice on how to avoid them.



14th Mar 2017

6 Simple Techniques to Disaster Proof Your Business

There are a number of ways to back-up your business data. This session will highlight the 6 essential practices that every business must follow to ensure they can continue to trade in case of a disaster.



28th Mar 2017

IT Strategy for non-IT Managers

An IT strategy should cover all facets of technology management, including cost management, human capital management, hardware and software management, vendor management, risk management and all other considerations in the business IT environment.

This workshop will cover the practical steps in creating a solid IT strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

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