Tech Tip Tuesday – The Snipping Tool

By 28th February 2017Blog, Tech Tips

Snipping Tool

Every version of Windows since Windows 7 has included a handy little tool called the Snipping Tool.  I have mentioned this tool to a lot of people over the years and still people are surprised by it’s existence.

This makes it the perfect tool for a Tech Tip especially since it is the main tool that I use for creating these tips.

Where do I find this tool?

The easiest way to find the snipping tool is by clicking on the start button and typing “Snipping Tool” until the program appears.

How Does it work?

Once the snipping tool is open all you need to do is click on “New” and snip part of your screen.  There are four types of snips

  1. Free form Snip
  2. Rectangular Snip
  3. Window Snip
  4. Full screen Snip

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