Best Tablets for 2019

1. iPad Pro

In September of 2018 Apple unveiled it’s latest iteration of iPad Pro devices. The new devices now feature an almost edge-to-edge display with the addition of Face ID, similar to the iPhone lineup. It may be expensive but it’s Apple’s most powerful offering and enhances the 2 in 1 design if you decide to pickup the new keyboard cover folio.

The iPad Pro offers a laptop like experience with it’s sleek design and ground-breaking performance. The new iPad also features a new magnetic clip for the Apple Pencil accessory. The iPad features a superb design and is a great example of Apple’s excellency at hardware and industrial design. We ranked this as the best tablet you can buy because.. well.. it really is the best out there. It offers an incredibly smooth 120hz display, excellent speakers and great accessories to amp up your productivity. The only negative is the price although it truly is the best tablet on the market right now.

2. iPad

This is hands down the best tablet for the average consumer and for students. It isn’t the most powerful offering from Apple although it still beats out the lacklustre competition from the Android side. With the 2018 version including the added ability of being able to use the Apple Pencil, it makes this the perfect note taking device for students. The iPad does everything the predecessor does right and more with the added Pencil functionality.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung is one of the last remaining Android manufacturers still within the tablet space. The tablet features the Samsung Dex functionality which allows you to plug the tablet into a display and the tablet will switch to a desktop interface which is great but according to many reviews and reports, it comes with performance problems. The Galaxy Tab is a brilliant device but two of the main problems is the price and lack of update support. The tablet starts from £549 (price is correct at the time of writing) , which is rather steep considering you can bag Apple’s entry level iPad offering for only £319. With Apple’s offering you are getting a much faster CPU, guaranteed at least 4 years of software support and Apple Pencil support. It just doesn’t make much sense to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2019 now that Apple’s iPad’s have become so competitively priced, they are almost outmatched.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro line is probably the cloest we have to an actual laptop on our list of best tablets. The device is able to run a full blown version of Windows 10, includes an integrated kickstand and offers additional accessories like the keyboard attachment. It’s great for professionals and students and it’s one of the best Windows laptops you can buy. Using it as a tablet however, the experience isn’t great. The Windows experience isn’t particularly great when using the tablet in the dedicated ‘tablet’ mode, and it’s just overall very clunky to use.

5. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft debuted the Surface Go in 2018 which is aimed to be a more budget friendly surface, particularly for students. This is Microsoft’s offering of competition with Apple’s entry level iPad. Again, this device is almost overshadowed by Apple’s budget iPad coming in significantly cheaper for what is essentially a worse tablet experience.

In summary, if we had to pick one tablet from our favourites we would choose the entry level iPad. It offers everything the majority of people look for in a tablet, and with the new addition of having Apple Pencil support it makes it a great productivity device without having to opt for the more expensive iPad Pro’s.

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