Vendor Management

Let us take away the pain of dealing with your IT vendors, we will work with them directly on your behalf. With our experience, we can get the best outcome from any issues you may be having with them. Whether it’s hardware or software suppliers, we have you covered.

Vendor Management is the process that your business will take when managing all your suppliers. From selecting vendors, negotiating contracts and prices, cost control, risk assessment, and service delivery, there are a lot of variables to take into account.

We understand the stress that can come with this, especially when it comes to IT vendors, as the terminology and details aren’t the easiest to comprehend if you don’t have a history of tech experience and knowledge under your belt.

When we manage your vendors for you as part of our IT consultancy service, our team of experts can easily navigate and either assist you in this process or deal with it for you completely. Not just can we communicate with vendors on your behalf, but we will use our knowledge of your business needs and intricacies to ensure you are getting the best supplies, for the right price.

" means you will never go without essential hardware or software..."

Without effective vendor management, you can risk disruption in your supply chain, and things can slip through the cracks so then your daily operations can suffer, as well as your clients. When we are dealing with this for you, it means you will never go without essential hardware or software, nor will you be pushed into acquiring more than you need. It can also build healthy and strong partnerships with your vendors, which may lead to saved costs and opportunities in the future.

Our process:

  • Initially selecting the vendors best suited to you and your needs
  • Contract and payment negotiations, so you always pay the right price
  • Onboarding your vendors and ensuring all the correct documents are in place
  • Monitoring the performance of your vendors, so you know they are consistently delivering
  • Monitoring and evaluating risks, keeping your business safe every step of the way
  • Managing payments, keeping you on track, and following the agreed terms
Vendor Management

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