Managed IT Support

We'll take care of the technology side of things so that you can focus on your business and daily operations.

Let us take some weight off your shoulders.

In any business sector, technology plays an essential role in day-to-day operations. As your organisation grows, your use and reliance on IT will too. It is key that your technology can drive your businesses and run efficiently so that you have a well-organised system behind you.

Fully managed or co-managed

Our flexible service means that we can work in conjunction with your current IT support. We can act as an outsourced IT department, or as extra support to your in-house team. Whatever level of assistance you need, we can provide it. 

Our Proactive Management means that we are spotting issues before you are even aware of them, preventing downtime and major issues for your business.

What's included?

Some issues are unavoidable and can’t be predicted, so our team of experts are trained in reactive approaches to deal with any problems you may encounter. To report any issues, you can use our Support Desk, where you can submit tickets and get in contact with an engineer who can then work on the problem.

The health and stability of your networks are crucial to the data flow of your business, this is why we take Network management seriously. As we monitor your network infrastructure, any anomalies will be found, and we will be alerted of this. Then any issues can be dealt with before you and your users are aware of them.

No matter the cloud platform, our Managed Cloud Services can increase performance, scalability, and productivity for your business. From Office 365 to secure cloud storage, we will keep everything under control and simplify your daily use. Let us optimise your cloud environment so you can deliver on your goals.

There’s plenty of hardware and software that may be used in your workplace, so let us deal with Asset Management. We will keep an inventory of your IT business assets, manage them, and ensure that everything is in place and up to date. Physical assets like PCs and laptops, alongside software such as subscriptions and licenses, will all be taken care of.

24/7 Monitoring

Our constant monitoring assures that your systems are functioning effectively, as well as letting us proactively manage them so that downtime is minimised. We are always ready to take action if any issues arise; sometimes before you’re even aware of them.

Quick Response Rate

As soon as a ticket is received through the Support Desk, our engineers will be aware and work on a solution. We will get back to you with information and support as quickly as possible, as well as keep you updated throughout the process.

Attentive Customer Service

It’s always important to keep you in the loop, so while working on anything for your business, everything is logged so you can see what’s going on. If you have any questions or want to have a chat with us, our engineers are available to you.

Qualified Team

With over 15 years of experience in the MSP industry, our engineers can provide you with the highest levels of support as well as great customer service. Our CSAT score sits at 98.5%, which is well over the industry standard. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Reactive vs Proactive Support

The way our service differs from competitors is our proactive support model. Many IT businesses only offer reactive support, meaning that they will resolve issues when they pop up and charge you for that resolution.

Instead, we offer proactive support so that less issues will pop up in the first place. We then resolve any issues that are noticed by you, for no extra cost.

Reactive only IT support

Our managed service

Unpredictable costs

Predictable monthly cost

No Service Level Agreements

Clear Service Level Agreements in place

Relies on the client to spot and report issues

24/7 monitoring and alerting from our team

Small problems can progress into larger ones

Small problems are spotted and resolved before they progress

Longer wait times for a solution

Available 24/7 through our support desk for solutions and support

Higher risk of downtime

Downtime risk minimised

Inability to prepare for issues

Monitoring of your business allows us to prepare for any issues

No consistent management or organisation

Centralised Management

Clients have to spend time monitoring their IT

Allows you to focus on your business

Not scalable with your business' growth

Scalable with your business' growth

Innovate your IT.

Unique solutions for unique businesses.