Ransomware Protection/Recovery

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and expensive for its victims. Therefore, protecting your business’s data is our priority. With our ransomware protection, you can know that your data is in good hands.

The aim is always to prevent, so we use a wide range of security measures to protect you and your business from ever being the victim of a ransomware attack. Past the initial protection, we also know that backups and recovery strategies are required to keep you safe.

Ransomware protection and recovery plans are essential for businesses of any size, it’s a common misconception that small to medium businesses aren’t a target, but 71% of ransomware attacks target small businesses, due to their vulnerabilities. This is why we take ransomware into consideration for your business continuity plan.

The modern and sophisticated ransomware you see in our current technological environment is continuously evolving, proving itself to be one of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats to businesses. They target your critical services, IT environments, and endpoints for you and even your clients.


As cloud sharing and cloud-based platforms have gained popularity, it has become easier for cybercriminals to access your data. The more that is shared in non-private and shared platforms, the easier it is for vulnerabilities to be taken advantage of, this is why protection and recovery plans are key.

We are experts in cybersecurity, so we put the necessary security precautions in place to keep your data safe from any hostage situations. As well as preventative and protection, we will work with you to develop recovery and restoration plans, using our backups and your business model, ensuring your business can continue operating after any threats or attacks.

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