Whether you are a B2B or B2C establishment, your clients need to be able to trust you. This includes them being able to trust that you are keeping their data safe. If you aren’t protecting your business from cyber-attacks or threats, then it puts them in a compromising situation.

You can reassure your clients, but many may not want to just take your word and forget about it. This is why having certifications in place help build trust and a positive reputation with your clients. Having certifications in place means they are fully assured that your security is up to standard and that they are protected.

Due to this, more and more companies who are looking for suppliers are asking for some form of cybersecurity certification, such as Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme, which assists you in protecting your organisation, no matter the size, against a wide range of the most common cyber-attacks.

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To get these kinds of certifications, you will have to meet the criteria. This can be questions, tests, proof that you are following guidelines, and more. Some of the criteria can be met pretty easily, but it can get complicated quickly if you don’t have enough knowledge or understanding of your business’s IT infrastructure.

This is where we come in, we have years of experience in IT and security, so getting you certified is simple. Any documentation required to get certified will be completed by us and submitted for review, we will also ensure that your systems are compliant with the certification requirements, throughout the period covered by the certificate, all part of our managed security service.

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