IT Consultancy

With advanced auditing, we will regularly review your IT infrastructure and make recommendations based on our research.

Our team has a diverse knowledge base, covering all aspects of IT. This means we can provide consultancy to you, whenever you need it. Using advanced auditing software, we will regularly review your current infrastructure and make informed recommendations based on our research.

Our innovative approach to technology consultation gives you the ability to cost-effectively navigate and gain the highest quality of assets. We support and remediate your mission-critical infrastructure. We will create an IT roadmap that will increase business efficiency and productivity, alleviate any technology pains, and mitigate your risks.

We provide cost-effective Information Technology Consulting Services to organisations throughout the UK.

Our consultancy services are tailored to meet your needs. We can help you navigate all your important IT decisions, offering a second opinion and any information you may need. Our consultants can review your vendors’ proposals and give you impartial feedback and advice from a technical perspective. Our unbiased information could potentially save you thousands and reduce business risk.

If you require complete technology solutions, whether it’s strategic needs analysis, infrastructure reviews, solution design, project management, or procurement through to installation management, Itek can give as much support and input as you require.

Your support network

Our IT Procurement support will come after initial consults, so we know exactly what you want and need. From there we can select supplies that are perfect for you, saving you the hassle of searching and comparing all the options.

Within your business, you’ll have the hardware, software, networks, security measures, the list goes on. We can perform a full IT Review of your current infrastructure and give you feedback and advice on how to improve it, giving plenty of insight into your technology.

Let us take away the pain of Vendor Management, we will work with IT vendors directly on your behalf. With our experience, we can get the best outcome from any issues you may be having with them. Whether it’s hardware or software suppliers, we have you covered.

Solution Design can help your business in a whole range of ways, whether it’s solving smaller day-to-day issues, or full infrastructure designs to improve efficiency, our designers and architects can take your daily operations to the next level.


We offer you cutting-edge solutions and advice for all your IT needs.


Then build and implement the improved infrastructures and procedures.


With audits and reviews of your IT, we continuously develop your assets.

Innovate your IT.

Unique solutions for unique businesses.