24/7 Monitoring

As part of our proactive approach, we will monitor all your business assets 24/7, to ensure that you are protected, functional, and avoiding critical issues. With monitoring, any anomalies in your systems will be picked up before they are noticeable to you, or your clients.

Downtime can be a huge problem for your business, as an hour of downtime is an hour of lost profit and inability to serve your clients. With 24/7 monitoring, there is awareness of any issues as soon as they occur, meaning they can be resolved quickly. Our team of experts will be on the case, straight away.

Here at Itek, we can monitor the entirety of your IT infrastructure, all while maintaining its security and functionality. This includes your servers, networks, systems, and workstations. It keeps disruptions to a minimum, allowing you and your staff to keep working. It also gives us insight into our forecasting, so you can budget, plan and prepare for anything.

Alongside picking up on IT errors, it also means that we spot any suspicious activity with your systems. For example, bulk deletion or copying of documents could point toward a cyber-attack or ransomware issue, monitoring allows you to predict and prevent, saving you stress, money, and time.

We understand that one method of monitoring and reporting won’t work for all business continuity plans, which is why our service is flexible and tailored to suit your needs and the level of support you require. We take your organisation-specific systems and processes into account, ensuring everything works for you.

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