Managed IT Security

We manage your workstations, servers, and network, always keeping them up to date and fully protected.

When it comes to the security of your technology in the workplace, there are many factors to consider. With plenty of training and experience, we know how to identify threats and deal with them so that your workstations, servers, and network are protected and up to date. We can also provide your employees with security awareness training, to keep your business safe.

We focus on efficiency for any security initiatives.

Cyber security threats have been growing more hostile and common, so the number of endpoints needing to be managed has been rising. Taking these threats into account is in your best interest, but we make sure that you don’t have to worry about them.


Something as simple as clicking on a link can install malware and compromise your cyber security.


Cyber criminals can take your data and use it as blackmail, or even hold it hostage unless a ransom is paid.

Social Engineering

Psychological manipulation of employees can lead them to take action or share sensitive data, unknowingly helping an attacker.

How we manage your security

We will look after your Endpoint Security, always ensuring that your PCs, laptops, and devices are protected. We will monitor your endpoints and pick up on any anomalies, to then take any preventative measures necessary to stop an attack.

Firewalls are an essential part of your layered security, for all businesses. Our Managed Firewall service takes perimeter maintenance and continuously adapts it to the dynamic threat landscape that your organisation may experience.

Technology is always evolving, so patches and updates are unavoidable, but staying on top of them can be time-consuming. We can deal with all your Patch Management, without it you are at risk of untimely reboots, performance slowdowns, or even cyber-attacks.

Having Certifications in place for your business means that your clients can trust you, as your security is up to standard. We use CyberSmart to get you certified, so your clients know their data and information are safe with you.


Managed IT Security

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