Managed IT Services

Is the time and effort spent managing your IT deterring your business productivity and growth?

With our wide range of services, we will fully manage your IT infrastructure with the sole purpose of ensuring that you can work to your full potential. We stand behind your business from beginning to end, so you can provide your clients with what they need.

You’ll know that as a business owner, time isn’t a luxury that everyone has. If you’re dealing with an abundance of IT issues, it will severely limit your time and make it much harder to keep operations running smoothly.

We understand this issue, which is why we offer services that keep your technology stable and fully managed. Our range of services saves you time and lets you work without any IT-related stress. Our team’s expertise and knowledge will ensure that all your software and hardware are under control, no matter what.

Quick Response

Our goal is to attend to any IT issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Protect your Data

Get rid of long downtime, modernise and secure your IT infrastructure.

Eliminate IT Issues

You focus on your business, we take care of all your IT headaches with pro-active support.

Our solutions

Technology plays an essential role in a business’s day-to-day operations, but the more you rely on it, the more issues it can cause. Our Managed IT Support means that we ensure everything stays up and running without issues.
There are lots of factors to the security of your technology in the workplace. We manage your workstations, servers, and network, always keeping them up to date so that they are protected from any cyber-attacks.
Our team has a diverse knowledge base, covering all aspects of IT. This means we can provide consultancy to you, whenever you need it. Using advanced auditing software, we will regularly review your current infrastructure and make informed recommendations based on our research.
To keep your business safe, simply being able to recover and restore your data isn’t enough. Our business continuity service means that we work with you to provide the level of protection you need. Our hybrid solution of on-premises backup and cloud replication ensures that everything is secure, no matter the circumstances.
Something missing?

Any quote we propose is tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, which is why you always get exactly what you want from our services. If there's an IT service you'd like to outsource, please check if it's available from us.

Itek are your IT Department.

For businesses who cannot afford or don't want to hire a full-time IT resource, have time sensitive projects, have new technologies that your current IT team does not have the experience to manage, or for companies that outgrow what they can manage alone - Itek is the clear solution.

Benefits to consider include employee job satisfaction/increased productivity, business efficiencies, access to industry experts, unlimited IT support, instant IT helpdesk (speak to a team member every time), IT tools, reduced training, lowered HR expense, employer contributions decrease, and many more.

We are confident we can provide a solution for your unique requirements and budget.

We provide excellent value for money and our clients typically see additional financial benefits including the removal of large upfront capital expenses related to equipment, IT upgrades, preventative maintenance and the elimination of related HR costs.