Asset Management

An asset is anything from hardware to software systems, and even data that a business needs or values. We can connect to machines remotely using our remote monitoring agent. This allows us to provide support anywhere, and at any time. We support and maintain our clients’ servers and devices remotely and can also provide on-site support if required.  

Asset management is making sure that a business’s assets are running efficiently, and that the assets are maintained, up to date, and disposed of correctly when a device reaches the end of its life. We make sure that every asset whether it is hardware, software, or data, is fully maintained, tracked, and in use so nothing goes to waste, everything is optimised, and your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, assets are not unlimited, they will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced. We work to ensure you are getting the most out of your assets before this time comes. This is done by our engineers who use advanced software and modern systems to proactively manage all of your devices in the background, which minimises downtime and ensures each device is operating smoothly.

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Security is extremely important, so our engineers will monitor any potential threats that may cause damage to your devices. Your network devices, servers, and computers will be protected. Any threats will be picked up by our systems which scan devices regularly, they will then be neutralised. We will be notified for each threat scanned and killed so we can investigate further.

Our process for asset management is extremely flexible and our engineers are trained to adapt to your organisation’s needs and wants within our managed IT support service. This means that there will be minimal complications in the setup process, to decrease downtime and increase productivity.

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