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Shortcut keys to speed up your internet browsing

When working on clients machines they often ask how I did something so quickly or they are unsure of what I actually did. A lot of these instances are when using the internet so I have put together some of the more common shortcuts that I use on a daily basis which will speed up your web browsing and make you look like a pro to your colleagues.

Save time by typing in the name of a site and holdctrl + enter,whatever you type in to the URL bar will be surrounded by www. & .com.

If you want to find where an image has been used around the web you can hold S and right click the image to do a search in chrome.

I am sure we have all been there where you have closed a tab and instantly regret it. Hold CTRL + shift + T opens the last tab you closed.

Browsing for your significant others birthday or Christmas present when they enter the room, hold CTRL + W to close the current tab.

Easily jump between browser tabs by holding CTRL + <TAB Number> to speed up flicking between pages.

Not sure which tab you are looking for hold CTRL + TAB to switch between browser tabs and find what you are looking for.

Often refreshing a page loads what is in your browser cache hold CTRL + F5 to reload the whole page instead of using the cache.

If you see a link on a page that you want to open for later click the link with the scroll wheel to open it in a new tab without leaving the current page CTRL + Left click does the same.

If you want to highlight the web address whether you want to copy it or type another address, hold CTRL + L, in chrome F6 does the same thing.

If you have ever been on a page with annoying gifs catching your eye while trying to read, press ESC to halt all animated gifs on the current page.

Using a share computer to buy gifts for your friends and family, CTRL + SHIFT + N opens an incognito window in chrome which allows you to browse without leaving a trace.

Hopefully you will find these useful, leave a comment below if you have any time saving tips I have missed.

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