Security Awareness Training

Cyber security threats are rising and can target any business no matter the size, including yours. This is why educating and training your employees on potential security threats and how to prevent them is incredibly important. 

Security awareness training is designed to help your employees understand their role in protecting sensitive information and assets within the workplace.  

Our security awareness training covers: 

  • Phishing scams

  • Password security

  • Social engineering attacks

  • Malware

  • Data breaches

The goal is to teach your employees to recognise potential threats, how to report any suspicious activity, and the best practices for keeping sensitive information secure.

Managed IT Security
Peace of mind, know what your up against.

The more aware your staff is of cyber security, the less likely they will be to let them happen. There will be risks and vulnerabilities associated with their job, and it is your responsibility to teach them how to protect themselves and the whole business.  

How can security awareness training help your business? 

  1. Mitigates the risk of cyber attacks 

  1. Protects sensitive data 

  1. Ensures staff are complying with regulations  

  1. Reduces your costs 

  1. Improves employee morale 


Security awareness training offers protection to you and your business, if you want to keep your staff educated and confident when it comes to security, contact our team and see how we can help.