Making use of Chrome extensions

You may already be familiar with the Chrome extension, but it’s something that a lot of people are still not aware of. Itek’s Andrew Bousie talks us through them.

Extensions are small software programmes that are loaded into your browser to tailor the functionality to your needs.

Also, now that Microsoft Edge is built on the same platform as the Chrome browser, you can add extensions to Edge as well.

Where can I find extensions?

You can install extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store which has the extensions divided into categories such as:

– Working from Home

– Accessibility

– Education

– Travel

– Productivity

You will also see recommendations and extensions in the story are rated and reviewed by users.

How do I know an extension is safe?

Just like everything else, cybercriminals and hackers look to exploit at every opportunity. Browser extensions are no different.

Although there is no way of being 100% sure that an extension is safe, it’s no different from other PC software that you can install.

The usual steps should be followed to give yourself the best chance of remaining secure while online.

– Use the Chrome Web Store, this is the most secure place to install extensions from

– Check who developed the extension and if they have a good reputation

– Check the reviews for the extension before committing

– Ensure you are using an up-to-date antivirus programme

What are the best extensions?

This is really down to what your day-to-day tasks are within the browser. There are some generic extensions that will be of use to everyone such as adblockers, password managers or form recovery (surely we have all accidentally closed a tab we have been filling a form out on).

Other things that can be done with extensions are:

– Display times from different countries
– Use extensions for writing content such as thesaurus, dictionary et cetera – these will save you jumping between tabs
– Share to your social media with just a couple of clicks
– Easily take screenshots or capture other content
– Clear your browser history and cache in one click
– Speed test
– Tab organise
– Todo lists


Chrome extensions can be very helpful and increase productivity. There will be many other extensions that I have not come across as they’ll be related to a subject or industry that I’m not familiar with.

Have a search for any extensions related to your work or personal life and remember to remove any extensions that you don’t use.

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