Microsoft Announces Copilot AI

Since the release of OpenAI’s Chat-GPT, the world has gone crazy for artificial intelligence.

With Microsoft investing billions into Chat-GPT and Google rushing to get their own AI chatbot out there.

Chat-GPT, at the moment, is reigning supreme above all other AI chatbots.

Google’s ‘Bard’ has had a rocky start and was only recently released to over 18s.

In light of all this, Microsoft has announced a new AI technology ‘Copilot’.

This Chat-GPT style AI will be used within Microsoft 365 to aid the user.

Copilot will be embedded into Microsoft 365 apps e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.

It is not limited to these apps as it will also be used within Teams.

Some of the functions of Copilot include:

Summarising any key discussion points of conversations in Teams and recaps for those who join late or miss the entire meeting.

It can create PowerPoint presentations and can include images from prompts.

Copilot can also create drafts for emails and analyse long threads of emails and documents.

It will also be able to create summaries and graphs on Excel sheets.

Although the Copilot technology isn’t Chat-GPT itself, it was built with ChatGPT version 4, released recently.

Microsoft has said that Copilot is sometimes “Usefully wrong”.


“We all want to focus on the 20% of our work that matters, but 80% of our time is consumed with busy work that bogs us down. Copilot lightens the load.”

As of yet, there haven’t been any details on the rollout of Copilot.

This has been announced just after Microsoft’s new Bing update was released.

The new Bing app has ChatGPT built in, you can use this to search instead of the normal search bar.

It has several different search options for more creative or precise search results.

Microsoft is going all out with AI to stay ahead of its competitors.

Google, for the moment, are falling behind, only just releasing their Bard and it is closed access.

ChatGPT has been open to everyone for some time and is constantly overshadowing its rival chatbots.

Now that Microsoft 365 will have Copilot, productivity should be much higher.

The main goal of Copilot is to remove the annoying obstacles that come with working, to allow you to get more work done quicker.

Teams meetings could be shorter and you won’t need to note anything down.

Presentations can be created for you; you will only need to memorise them.

And these features are sure to improve and evolve as ChatGPT evolves and updates.

Copilot could evolve to the point that it can do everything you can, but better.

And this reality may not be too far away.

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