Our Favourite Browser Extensions

Itek’s Favourites

1. uBlock Origin

While you surf the world wide web, there are certain things that track your information and compile it into a database. These “things” are better known as scripts. Scripts are invisible to the visitor’s eye, but their availability within the code of a website defines how the website behaves in response to certain click requests sent by the user.

Sometimes, scripts give you unwanted ads and annoying pop-ups while you are trying to navigate a web page. This is where an extension such as uBlock comes in handy. This extension blocks banner ads, pop-up ads, rollover ads, and more. It stops you from visiting known malware-hosting domains, can prevent data being sent to advertisers, and it can disable third-party tracking cookies and scripts. Essentially, ad blocker extensions like this one give you more control over your browsing experience. Ublock can be downloaded from here for Chrome.

2. 1Password & LastPass

Having a password manager allows you to use stronger and more secure passwords across multiple sites with the passwords being easily stored in one place. Read our other article where we take a deeper look into what password managers are and the benefits they bring. The 1Password extensions can be downloaded from 1Password’s download site which can be found here. The download for LastPass can also be found here.

3. HTTPS Everywhere

Generally speaking, there are two types of web URLs – HTTP and HTTPS. The difference here is the ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS, which stands for ‘Secure’. However, many web pages do not route you to the secure versions of their webpages automatically.

The HTTPS Everywhere extension takes care of that by rewriting requests to direct you to HTTPS-secured sites. So, if your browsing takes you to unsecured areas of a website, HTTPS Everywhere will redirect you to the encrypted HTTPS site and keep your sensitive data from leaking and third parties from snooping.

4. Speedtest

One of our favourite extensions is Speedtest. This allows us to easily test the speed of our network connection to see if everything is running as it should. Tests can be running in the background while you are still browsing the web and using an active connection to ensure an accurate true to life reading is taken. You can download the Speedtest extension from here.

5. Grammarly

Our team relies on Grammarly for all of their typing and grammar needs. This is an extension that works across the browser correcting misspelled words and analysing sentence structure. Think of Grammarly like a dictionary that serves across all of content that you write across the web. Grammarly also analyses punctuation errors giving the writer confidence in knowing that their work is polished and error-free. You can download the Grammarly extension from here.

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