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You can get us to look after your computers and stop the baddies n stuff. We're really good with technology n that, we can fix loads of things and we'll give you a wee hand on the phone if your a numpty.

What is a MSP?

Running a business is no easy task. Especially when there are so many variables and assets to deal with every day.

Managing an IT infrastructure can take a lot of time out of your day, and we all know that time is a limited resource.

This is why we offer our flexible services, tailored to meet your business needs and take IT worries off of your shoulders. 

Having an MSP will help to innovate, grow, and improve efficiency for your business, all while reducing costs.

Quick Response

Our goal is to attend to any IT issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Protect your Data

Get rid of long downtime, modernise and secure your IT infrastructure.

Eliminate IT Issues

You focus on your business, we take care of all your IT headaches with pro-active support.

Reactive vs Proactive Support

Reactive only IT support

Our managed service

Unpredictable costs

Predictable monthly cost

No Service Level Agreements

Clear Service Level Agreements in place

Relies on the client to spot and report issues

24/7 monitoring and alerting from our team

Small problems can progress into larger ones

Small problems are spotted and resolved before they progress

Longer wait times for a solution

Available 24/7 through our support desk for solutions and support

Higher risk of downtime

Downtime risk minimised

Inability to prepare for issues

Monitoring of your business allows us to prepare for any issues

No consistent management or organisation

Centralised Management

Clients have to spend time monitoring their IT

Allows you to focus on your business

Not scalable with your business' growth

Scalable with your business' growth

We pride ourselves on our proactive support model, as many IT businesses only offer reactive support. Meaning that issues are only resolved when they are noticed and will charge you a large sum of money for their service.

Instead, we spend time monitoring and tracking your technology, spotting and resolving issues before you or your clients are even aware of them. We research and plan solutions for your business, always opting to prevent rather than just fix after an issue occurs.

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