The Limitations to Edge Defense and Antivirus Software

Cybersecurity is always developing, and consistently improving.

The main points of network defence for years now have been edge devices.

Things like, firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and antivirus software.

The cyber threats, however, have also become more difficult to repel, as these more traditional solutions have been less able to fend off cyber-attacks.

Within this blog, we will cover edge devices and antivirus’ role, their safeguarding limitations, and how cyberattacks have evolved to require more comprehensive security solutions.

The Functions of Edge Devices and Antivirus Software

So, what are the roles of edge devices? They have a pivotal role in ensuring the security of your network.

The first to defend is the Firewall, your firewall filters all the incoming traffic from the internet, meaning only authorised traffic is allowed, keeping your network safe and secure.

Next would be IDS devices. IDS devices will inspect the traffic coming into the network for any patterns or activity that seems suspect.

If the device finds anything, it will alert you to the potential threat.

Then there are IPS devices, these devices will combat the threat head-on.

Whereas antivirus is made to detect and identify any threat to the network, then remove it.

The Outdated Nature of Defensive Measures

Even with all of the edge devices working to protect a network, they have become less potent in fending off cyberattacks.

Modern cyberattacks are much more advanced, with hackers creating new ways to gain access to networks, making traditional edge devices much less able when battling attacks.

For example, phishing scams in emails allow hackers to fully pass through firewalls and IDS devices without issue.

This is due to the hackers creating fake websites that look real, giving them similar names to popular domains to deceive.

They may take advantage of vulnerabilities in platforms for streaming videos that are insecure.

The Invisibility of Modern Malware

Modern malware has been designed with high-level encryption techniques.

This makes it extremely difficult for firewalls and IPS or IDS systems to spot it.

A lot of antivirus software is unable to keep up with the consistent line of new malware.

Antivirus allows around 55% of attacks through without detecting them, this shows how much companies need new, advanced security solutions to protect their network.

The Consequences of Bypassed Edge Devices

After malware gets passed the traditional edge devices, it accesses the network without authorisation.

The malware will then be able to extract data, monitor the network unnoticed, perform data destruction, and access removal and on top of this, it could grant unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Whatever the malware takes is likely to be used in a ransom attack.

These types of attacks have become a common consequence of network breaches.

The company’s finance and reputation will be tarnished.

Embracing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Now that edge devices are no longer able to protect networks sufficiently, companies must update their cybersecurity plans to face modern threats.

With antivirus and edge devices being nearly useless, organisations have been turning to cybersecurity companies.

Cybersecurity companies will offer a more comprehensive package that includes solutions like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

The Power of SIEM Solutions

What are SIEM solutions?

SIEM solutions give companies a better approach to their cybersecurity strategies that will be proactive and more centralised.

These advanced systems take security data from all over the network and analyse it, giving the company reliable, real-time threat detection.

Alongside this, companies will be notified of any incidents and any attack, internal or external will be isolated quickly.

SIEM solutions allow customisable security features, this gives the company much more freedom to tailor their security defence line to suit their needs.

Giving them exactly what they require to keep their network safe at all times.

So, what does this mean?

As cyberattacks continue to evolve, security solutions must evolve with them.

Edge devices and antivirus software are no longer sufficient in combatting the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape.

The limitations of these devices have become clear after the attacks they were designed to defend against, begin to outsmart and overpower them.

Instead of using these outdated traditional edge devices, organisations must turn to comprehensive measures by utilising cybersecurity solutions like SIEM to keep their network safe and their business running.

Allowing this change is a requirement to ensure your data is kept safe and sound away from criminal hands, as the world becomes more and more digital, you want to stay ahead of the curb, on top of the cybersecurity issues.

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