Why do hackers hack?

Much like real life, the digital world also has criminals who can target you and your organisation.

Hackers are one kind of said criminal.

The act of hacking is to gain unauthorised access to data or systems on a computer, which can be done by using vulnerabilities on the computer or device they are targeting.

There are a few reasons why a hacker may hack, so what are they?

To steal information

Information and data are incredibly valued resources nowadays.

Even just a user’s name and address can be sold and used in malicious ways.

This is why hackers will often go for big establishments and companies, as they will have the most information to steal.

A hacker may be looking to get your business and employee data, your customer’s information, or both.

This is dangerous for your business and customers, which is why protecting this data is incredibly important.

Monetary gain

There is money in hacking, and many ways to make a profit from cybercrime.

Many hackers will target businesses that have bank details saved in their database, as money can be stolen from any saved accounts.

As well as direct theft using the details, hackers will also take data ransom.

A hacker may hold data and give a business the offer of an exchange, the data will be safely given back if they pay the hackers, with noncompliance leading to some form of leak.

Simple data such as names, addresses, and emails can also be sold if taken from a system.

The fact there is money in hacking is one of the big reasons why it will happen regularly.

To make a statement

Whether it’s social or political impact, the victim of a hacker can make a public statement and bring attention to important topics.

Whatever agenda it is that they are looking to promote, hacking can showcase this.

It goes above theft and profit; the cybercriminal will believe it has a higher meaning.

You’ve probably heard of ‘Anonymous’, as they are the most notorious group of hackers.

Anonymous will typically target the government or related corporations, as they hack to shine a light on what they consider wrongdoings.

There have also been events where political figures have been hacked during campaigns, in an attempt to sway votes and change public perception.

The money and data behind it are irrelevant, they simply want to make a point.

Staying safe from hacking isn’t a straightforward process and will include many layers and security procedures to be in place.

Your business must be kept safe, as it’s not just your data that can be vulnerable, but your customers too.

Your devices will often have security built into them, but having an IT department or an MSP there to support you too can ensure that your business is safe.

If your business needs cyber security support, our team can help.

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