Why MDR Uses Humans and Automation Together

Our culture is full of automated systems and services nowadays, but human interaction is still required for everything to work properly and run smoothly.

Whether it’s home security systems or a Tesla, people are still required to interact with these automated systems to ensure they perform as they’re intended to.

Think about Tesla, it still requires an alert driver to instruct and operate the vehicle, and those home security systems need homeowners to set them up.

It is no different from monitoring cyber activity with managed detection response for a network of devices.

There is an endless amount of detection services to use for cyber security solutions, but you still need that human management or these services will do nothing more than read network activity.

It’s the same as installing security cameras but having nobody to watch them.

With an MDR (Managed Detection Response), if malicious activity is found, notifications are sent to a team of experts to provide resolutions.

Here’s why combining the work of humans with an automated system is more efficient and how problems can be avoided.


When you combine the power of a cyber security system like SIEM with a team of experts, you receive a much more efficient cyber defense.

Instead of using a generic service that reads all the incoming and outgoing activity, or reacts the same to all threats, your business can get a customisable service that’s tailored to fit your network and have specialists reacting to threats for you.

This is what a managed detection response service looks like.

It is the combination of an automated system with experts, and it gives your business the reassurance that nothing will be missed.

Problems without Humans

Of course, people make mistakes, but we are still needed for certain technologies to work.

As mentioned before, there needs to be a team scanning through any activity and recognising actual threats.

Cyber security systems will either read and send all information, that isn’t particularly understandable, or treat every threat the same.

This is why a knowledgeable team of specialists will customise the MDR to your needs, and ultimately help protect your business.

Problems with Just Humans

On the other hand, you need these systems to be in place to process all the activity within your network.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of logs within your network daily.

Without some form of cyber security product to read all these logs and detect which ones are malicious, even the best specialists would be overwhelmed by the number of logs.

It’s not viable for them to filter through everything fast enough.

You Need Both

This is why you need both to work hand in hand to fully protect your business.

Just the IT guy or an IDS system won’t be able to combat the threats of daily cyber-attacks, you need both the trusted system and the expert.

Managed detection response is going to be the most efficient way to know what is happening in your network and find out how to solve any problems.

Don’t allow malicious activity to start within your business, contact our experts today to find out more.

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