Zero-Day Attacks: What Are They?

Zero-Day attacks are easy to understand, however, you may not be familiar with what a zero-day attack actually is.

Zero-day attacks are when the perpetrator infiltrates devices via unseen weaknesses in software updates or new software.

When companies update servers or other devices/computers, the risk of a breach in the vulnerable points of the update increases.

There have been many attacks like this on products from big organisations, for example, Windows XP, Adobe Flash and others.

Although this seems impossible to counter, there are plenty of cybersecurity companies working all the time to find these vulnerabilities when new software updates are put out.

Software developers are aware of these attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities in their software and constantly work to improve and patch these.

This is why software updates are so consistent, the developers are constantly battling the attackers to prevent attacks.


An example of this would be Windows updates.

Microsoft release updates for Windows very often, whether it is to fix any bugs or just security updates to ensure any threats are stopped before they attack.

Employing a cyber security company that makes use of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools would help greatly if there were an attack that targeted your business or software that your business uses.

This is essentially a forever-lasting process of attackers trying to find vulnerabilities and software developers trying to patch the vulnerabilities and keep their software up to date.

Attackers will try to exploit any situation like this by being in the know when it comes to publicly known software updates.

Developers and attackers are in a constant race to find vulnerabilities in the software.


As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity companies and other researchers will aid developers in finding these vulnerabilities to prevent any attacks.

Zero-day attacks will continue to be a threat until any vulnerabilities are found by developers or researchers.

If the hackers find the vulnerabilities it stays a zero-day attack regardless of how many days pass until the problem is discovered.

To prevent zero-day attacks, the developers, cybersecurity companies and researchers will essentially work to detect any breaches as quickly as they can, in a bid to beat the hackers.

With our endpoint defence service, we provide our clients with advanced protection for attacks like zero-day attacks.

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Our cybersecurity tools give insight into the vulnerabilities and any potential threats that you may face.

This means that you can leave the stress of cybersecurity behind and allow us to take on that responsibility.

Zero-day attacks are just another way hackers try to exploit companies.

Although they don’t always know that the software update will have a vulnerability to take advantage of, that doesn’t mean there is a lack of trying.

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