Data Security: Why is it important?

Phishing attacks spread quickly and they’re getting more sophisticated and believable.

Data security is the protection of your data from unwanted access and corruption, it ensures the safety of your digital data.

Digital data is your personal information, such as bank details, medical records, usernames, passwords et cetera.

Why is data security important?

With so much digital data available, this attracts hackers as they can make money from said data.

So, without data security, hackers have an opportunity to disrupt people’s lives and businesses. Anyone can be targeted and, if given the chance to attack, they won’t hesitate.

For example, say you receive an email from Facebook asking you to login, you click the link and you enter your details, but it doesn’t log you in…

You’ve clicked a malicious link: you’ve not logged into Facebook, you’ve given your user details to whoever set up this phishing scam.

Phishing is the act of sending something like an email or private message to an unwitting user to try and steal information from them.

More sophisticated and believable

Now this scammer can login as you and send phishing scams to your Facebook friends. Because they trust you, they then click the malicious link and their details get stolen too.

An estimated 156 million phishing emails are sent every day. They spread quickly and they’re getting more sophisticated and believable.
The criminal(s) behind an attack could then take the stolen data, sell it, leak it or do anything with it for their own gain.
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