Signs You Have Outgrown Your IT Provider

As your business grows, your IT support must grow with it in order to support your businesses future and maintain security. Itek Systems Management have compiled a list of signs that you have outgrown your IT provider so you know when it’s time to move on. 

IT Provider Responds Too Slowly

As a well-established company, you need to be able to provide a reliable service to your customers which means you need to have a responsive IT solution in place. If you have to wait for a long period of time for your IT provider to get back to you with a solution every time you are experiencing issues then this is a clear sign your provider is holding you back. Technical problems can cost you customers and clients which is why it is fundamental you have a partner who can offer a timely solution and communicate with you regularly.

Business is Using Out of Date Software 

Cloud IT providers supply businesses with the applications they need to operate on a daily basis and you should always have access to the latest software updates so that you can take advantage of top-class technology. If your IT provider does not supply your business with the latest updates and helps you access the required applications then you may want to consider if you want to continue your partnership with them.

IT Provider Neglects Cyber Security

Your IT provider should be able to help protect you against cyber hackers and put security measures in place. If you have not already been a victim of a cyber attack, you are one of the lucky ones. Each day thousands of individuals have their data stolen by cyber hackers and can lose access to their accounts and even have money taken from them unknowingly. It is not unusual for businesses to fall victim to these cyber attacks too which is why it is of the greatest importance that your IT provider regularly updates your anti-virus and anti-malware software. 

Forces Employees to Waste Time 

Time is money which is why it is important that your employees have the means to work as efficiently as possible. If the technology you are currently using is too slow then your staff will waste a lot of time waiting for tools to load or processes to complete. Your IT supplier should be able to offer effective solutions to ensure that your business is not wasting time waiting on applications to load, or repeating the same tasks each day such as reports. 

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