What is RDP?

Remote desktop technology allows users to control another workstation in a remote location.

Meaning, you can use your machine to access another as if it were there right in front of you.

The remote desktop function is enabled through a software application, which can be supplied by a third party, or via a built-in operating system feature.

Within Windows, it is aptly named, Remote Desktop Connection.

Once the connection has been established, the other user’s workstation transforms into a virtual terminal for the remote machine.

This allows the user to see the remote machine’s desktop, run applications, access any data on the remote machine, and apply inputs from their peripherals.

How does it work?

Remote desktop technology works by establishing a connection between the remote device and the computer being controlled.

It does this by using a protocol, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), or Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

After this connection has been established, the remote device will send the user’s inputs to the remote machine, while simultaneously streaming the display back to the user so they can see what is happening on the screen in real-time.

Using a remote desktop allows you to access another computer from anywhere.

You can access your work computer from home, from a different office location, or from essentially anywhere with an internet connection.

However, depending on what software you use, you may need a VPN setup to connect.

How does it help?

This makes it much easier for users to work remotely or from different locations.

This, in turn, means increased productivity, as normally those who would be unable to access their work machine, now can without issue.

RDP also allows you to work outside of office hours more easily, so long as you have a stable connection to the computer, you can work as long as required.

Companies like ours, use RDP to support our clients with their IT issues.

We can connect to machines remotely and troubleshoot issues, removing the time of getting an engineer on-site.

This also means that we can manage servers without needing to visit the site, and it means that regardless of date and time, we can connect and troubleshoot.

If you need help setting up these tools, or help with any of your IT issues, our team of engineers can help you.

Contact us at Itek for a chat.

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